Use your old jeans. Convert them into sexy shorts..

We all have jeans and we all get bored and buy new one but the quality of jeans is that the cloth does not get ruined so easily. So what to do with these jeans, throw it ? Give it to someone ? Nooo… let’s do something excited with it. Today we are going convert those waste jeans which are of no use into hot and sexy shorts. You can do it in different ways which I’ll show you in this article.

Take a jeans which is of no use. Wear it and mark the point how short you want your shorts to be. You can mark by a marker or chalk or a safety pin also. Now remove the jeans and cut it with the help of scissor. Now the most important thing is that how you design it because right now it’s not ready to wear. So let’s see what we can do with designing.

  • 1-

    Cut the jeans few inches longer than the length you want of your shorts. Now fold it upwards. Iron the folds so that it becomes fixed. You are almost done. Now you just need to it stitch it with the help of a needle from both the sides which will make it better for use and it won’t open up when you will wear it.

    and finally it looks like this

  • 2-

    The second way is cut the jeans from bottom in the manner shown in the picture. Now take a send paper and rub it on your jeans as shown in the picture. It will convert your jeans into a sexy ripped jeans.


    And this is how it will look


  • 3-

    In the third way you need to first check the fabric of your jeans. If the fabric of the jeans is like it’s easy to remove the threads of jeans then you can first cut the jeans and then remove the threads from the bottom which will create a border at the bottom like it has created for my jeans. Have a look at the picture below.

    you can also create the width of the border by removing more threads


  • 4-

    You can do a lot of innovation in cutting like cutting the jeans in a round parabolic shape from bottom or creating slits as shown in the picture.


  • 5-

    You can also bleach the jeans if you want to convert the whole color of the jeans so that no one will be able to recognise that it is your old jeans 😉 . One more way is to cut the bottom portion vertically into small slits to give it a border or decorate it with beats or permanent fabric colors like i have done.


Keep one thing in mind that when you cut the jeans, it will open up the old stitching of the jeans so before wearing it you need to stitch it once at the corner to restrict it from opening up to avoid malfunction.

You just need to be innovative and do the work with finishing and your sexy shorts are ready.

Hope you all liked the article. Thanks for reading 🙂


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  • Apoorva Shukla

    well!!! i cant even imagine the talent existing in this world , i think people like HUM are being capitalize on it 🙂 the perfect way for the jeans which are no more in use are being highlighted here , the full dedication and hard work made by this Petrochemical Graduate is worth and can also be realized through pictures ! well this article is very helpful for me and i am sure for those Funky stylers tooo!! good job HUM ! keep it up !