Tutorial: Learn HTML – Series Introduction

As we promised, we are back with our first tutorial series, Learn HTML. We are starting from the basic of HTML in this series. Later on we are going to learn CSS, Javascript, PHP, WordPress and much more.

What can you expect from this series?

In this series you will learn about the basics of HTML and you will be able build the structure of any webpage. Also if you are planing to have a blog in future then you will definitely need to learn HTML.

What this series will not cover?

This series will not cover any styling and functionality because after the end of this series we will cover other series on styling and adding functionalities to your HTML to look and working.

Here is what we are going to learn in this series


  1. Introduction to HTML
  2. Setting up code editor and template
  3. Basic Elements
  4. Heading Elements
  5. Paragraph, Image & Anchor tags
  6. Div and span
  7. Text formatting in HTML
  8. Pre  element
  9. iframe element
  10. Attributes and Comments
  11. Creating table
  12. Footer
  13. Series Wrap up

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