Top 10 apps you must have in your Android device

  • 1. IMO:

    There are many app who provide instant messaging services and IMO is one of them, work on android & iOS. This app is great because of three reasons: It’s easy to use, it looks great, and it’s free and also supports all the big names Facebook Chat, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo etc., and sends messages quickly and reliably. I have used it this app & it’s better than other apps. My verdict a must have app in an android phone.
    Download from here- IMO

  • 2. FOTOR:

    Fotor is not actually a Photoshop but a very simple, easy and basic image editing app. It does well what it made for. It believe in being quick, quick to master. If you fan of editing in the Modern user interface, Fotor is the one you should choose it. Everyone worked on Picasa once in life and it taught us that not every image editor has to be Photoshop. Sometimes you just want a quick, fun way to enhance your photos, add some neat effects, and maybe create a collage or two. If that sounds like fun then you should go for this app, I recommend this.
    Download from here- Fotor

  • 3. Cam scanner:

    This is digital world now and with this app, any documents you see in real world can be digitized and saved right away with your mobile phone. Just click a photo, and app take care of the rest. You can play with it like crop the image, apply the various lighting settings and effects, and converts the image to pdf. Cloud storage space feature is there so that we can sync to the cloud drive in real time. It also allows scanning in batch to create multi page pdfs. You can also set the brightness and contrast of the document.
    Download from here- Cam scanner

  • 4. MS office:

    Everyone use office daily in windows but now you can use it in your own android device. Office app contains everything which make office an actual office. This app doesn’t provide every feature of desktop office but offer enough that you would want to use in your phone. However, some features aren’t available with a free account, so if you need more robust tools, you’ll need an Office 365 subscription.
    Download from here- MS office

  • 5. True caller:

    collage 1
    As name itself make it very clear about app, it revealed about the incoming caller, their name, location almost accurately, boasting over 25 million users. Although the free version of the app has some cool features. It will keep blocked numbers at bay, the social media components and crowdsourcing features of True caller suggest the developer had high aspirations, but I didn’t really feel like they were realized in the app. Though its core features—SMS and call blocking—work fine, the rest of True caller isn’t mature enough.
    Download from here- True caller

  • 6. Mx player:

    Everyone is aware that inbuilt video player in android device has its limitations. If you want to free from these limitations this app is awesome. With the MX Video Player you can unlock a whole host of new codecs/video files for your Android and it won’t cost you a penny. Like most apps it’s comes with banner adverts but they won’t interfere during video playback. But it’s a ‘free’ and much better video player at the end of the day, so it’s a pretty fair compromise. This app support various video formats which regular player doesn’t support. With the subtitle feature you can edit the size, font and even add an outline to the text, so for example, your white subtitles do not blend in with a white background. It seems the whole idea behind the MX Video Player is that it puts you in control. Presets become a thing of the past, and if you ask me, that’s a good thing.
    Download from here- MX player

  • 7. Series guide:

    Almost everyone is fan of Hollywood tv series, movies for those this app is a treasure. You can add your favorite Shows and movies and track about them episode wise. No need to check again and again for looking dates of episodes & movies. For those who are crazy about these things it’s a quite a time saver app.
    Download from here- Series Guide

  • 8. Ebookdroid:

    Now a days due to busy schedule and hectic life styles everyone don’t have time to read things in hard copies like novels, so this app offer quite a unique solution to readers. It’s a highly customizable document viewer for android devices. It support various formats like pdf, xps, comic book formats etc. also provide some extra tools like text selection, text highlighting etc, no need for adobe reader for pdf files. This app allows you to customize the way you read on a per book basis, all settings will be remembered the next time you will open it.
    Download from here- Ebookdroid

  • 9. Candy Camera:

    This one for those who are crazy have selfiemania. Let’s take a selfie! With Candy Camera’s beautifying filters and silent mode, you can take beautiful selfies anywhere and anytime! It provides various filters which are shown in real time while you taking a selfie, various stickers, collage. Have fun taking selfies with your friends!
    Download from here- Candy camera

  • 10. Makemytrip:

    Travelers!! This one for you. Over 5 million users who are currently enjoying this app. With this you can book hotel, bus, railway and airplane ticket with discounts & overall seamless booking experience. You can check status of train with PNR no, Logged-in users have an option to save holiday details and information for future bookings with MakeMyTrip. It also offer some exclusive Deals provide great discounts on flights, hotels and holiday bookings.
    Download from here- Makemytrip

This article has been written by Khushwant Rakhecha

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