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In my first article I have talked about how we reached to halfcupcoffee.com but I am pretty sure if I’d be a beginner I’d never understand that article. So, to learn more let us dive deeper.

At first let me tell you about network

What is a network?

In tech field network is connecting a device with another. For example, suppose you have a router in your home and you connected your phone and your laptop both in the same wifi, in your unawareness you have created a network. INTERNET is the biggest network.


Like every home has a unique residential address, every device connected to a network has a unique address and that address is known as IP(Internet Protocol) or TCP(Transmission Control Protocol).

IP address is separated by three periods(.) and it looks like and each value varies from 0 to 255.

Domain Name:

A domain name is a string with no space. In general, a domain name represents an IP address.

You may be thinking why do we need a domain name?

Suppose, you have 100 phone numbers in your phonebook, can you remember all the numbers? Of course the answer is NO. But if we associate a name for each number then we can remember all of them and we don’t have to bother much for that. Domain name does exactly same as contact name.

DNS(Domain Name Server):

DNS actually a phonebook of internet. Whenever you type “facebook.com” in your browser, DNS checks the associated IP, for facebook which is and takes you to that particular device where the files of are uploaded. Also, if you type in your browser it will take you to facebook. Moral of the story is DNS points domain name to a perticular IP address.


Getting a domain name and developing a website with HTML is not enogh. We have to get a place where all of our filles will be uploaded and users will be able access those file. That place is called host.

We have to buy hosting from some host providers and with hosting they will serve us the IP of the host


This is all the story of Domain, Hosting, IP and if it is still not clear to you, ask your questions in comments below.

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