Devia: The official theme of half cup coffee

It is an old saying,

If you don’t like something, follow if, reach at the top and then change it.

In the beginning of half cup coffee we had viewed more than 1000 themes but we didn’t like any. So we had gone with a random theme and decided to create our own. It took me and my team a very long time to complete it and finally I am happy to introduce Devia, the official theme for half cup coffee. From today it’s the beginning of a new journey.

What’s new?

We are introducing two new categories “Reviews” and “Tutorials”

New website design

Much faster than before

and also a hidden change. (You will be rewarded with our theme if you can tell us the change.)

Because of the new layout you may experience some troubles and issues. Let us know in the comments or mail us at

and most importantly, don’t forget to share your feedback. Thanks for being with us and if you want to create your own WordPress theme contact us at iDevia .

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I am a Windows Phone Addict, a Windows Phone application Developer and co-founder of halfcupcoffee.