Most common unhealthy office habits

Hello guys…  Everyone has to go to office some day but there are few office habits which are unhealthy so today I am going to list out twenty office habits which you can skip to avoid health problems. Here you go…

  1. Skipping breakfast– “I’ll have breakfast in office or No… I am getting late” …!!! These are the very common phrases most of us use everyday and skip breakfast. Breakfast is a debatable topic where most of the experts believe that breakfast increases the metabolism and help your increase your day with energy.
  2. Leaning your face on your hand– It can be seen very commonly that employees lean their face on their hand, this is very unhealthy habit for skin as well as for neck. Commonly employees shake hands and greet each other and then if you lean your face on your hand or touch your face, it cause infection to your skin. Also it can result with pain in neck.
  3. Rubbing your eyes– This one is more for girls. If you are in habit of applying makeup daily then rubbing your eyes can result in spreading germs from your makeup in your eyes. Also eyes are very delicate and your hands are not hygienic enough in office to touch your eyes.
  4. Messy desk– Having a messy desk is very unhygienic and also bad for your health. It can create stress also. Clean your desk at least once in a weak by antibacterial liquid.
  5. Eating at your desk– It can make your desk more unhygienic so it’s better not to make your desk a lunch table.
  6. Distracting yourself with social media– A lot of people start using social media in the office. It can create lack of concentration and increase in stress if you could not complete your work on time.
  7. Multitasking– It’s better to do one work at a time and complete it perfectly rather than stressing yourself with a lot of work at the same time and resulting with completing none.Researchers also say that human brain is designed to do one work at a time.
  8. Not taking a sick leaves– It is very necessary to stay at home if you are sick no matter how much problem you think it can create for you. Also one month leave is very necessary to relax yourself.
  9. Not stepping out– Step out of office one or twice and refresh yourself by pampering yourself with vitamin d.
  10. Unhealthy lunch– It’s better to not be shy and take healthy lunch from home, instead of eating junk food everyday from office canteen.
  11. Poor sitting posture– Do not sit with bent backbone. Always adjust your chair so that your feet rest straight to the floor. Your neck, back and arms should be in the posture of 90 degrees.
  12. Gossiping– Gossiping and getting involved in the unnecessary office politics can result in stress.
  13. Sitting all the day at one place– Always get up from your chair after sometime and stretch your body. Sitting all the day can also result with a big tummy.
  14. Taking your phone to loo– Do not use your phone in loo because this is the place full of germs and if you are using phone in loo then you can taking germs from loo with you.
  15. Having too much tea and coffee– Too much coffee or too is not good for health. It will make you addicted of it.
  16. Forgetting water breaks– Consuming less amount of water result in dehydration. Keep reminders and drink at least 2-3 litres of water everyday.
  17. Sitting with crossed legs– Crossing your legs very often can result with severe back and neck pain for life time.
  18. Keeping your laptop at wrong angle- It is necessary to maintain a proper distance from computer screen, and also correct angle otherwise it can harm your eyes and vision.
  19. Listening music all the time– It is said that listening music can relieve us. But listening to music all the time and also during working can create lack of concentration and health issues for ears.
  20. Not weeing enough– Getting busy in work and not weeing enough can not only result in stretch of bladder but also it can also build up germs in your bladder & unitary tracts.

Image Source- TenSSS

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i am a petrochemical engineering graduate, an MBA student and the founder of halfcupcoffee.