10 fun ways to stay in shape

If you are a fitness freak and you are fed up of the boring gym exercises then this post can help you. Gym exercises becomes very boring for few people and losing weight becomes very important, in such case i have listed out 10 fun ways to stay in shape without struggling much in gym with treadmill and exercise bikes. This will becomes more fun if anyone of them is your hobby.

  • 1. Hula Hoop

    This one is my favorite that is why i have written it on the first number. Hula hoop is not only a great fun but its also an awesome workout. it helps to workout for your abs, shape your belly, reduce your love handles, and also it can reduce weight from your other body parts if you get trained to do it on other parts of your body. I will very soon write an article about hula hoop and how to do it.

  • 2. Gymnastic

    Well i don’t know much about gymnastic but yes if you are interested in it, It will help you to lose weight.

  • 3. Dance

    Almost everyone loves dancing. If dancing is your hobby which most of the people have then this is the best way to stay fit. You can choose any of the dance forms like hiphop, contemporary, classical or even bhangra

  • 4. Yoga

    I am so sure that you are going to enjoy doing yoga every morning but i am sure that if you do yoga daily then your body will definitely become more fit and flexible than it is right now.

  • 5. Outdoor games

    There are many games which you can play daily and stay in shape like basketball, cricket, tennis, badminton etc.

  • 6. Skipping

    If you like skipping then it can be an another option for you to do.

  • 7. Dance revolutions

    It is a music video game which includes physical activity and its a great fun also. Due to the physical activity it results in weight lose.

  • 8. Aerobics

    Aerobics is a exercise but a way better for those who is bored of gyming because it is a rythmic dance form of exercising.

  • 9. Boxing

    Boxing is usually meant to be for boys more but even girls can go for it. Taking example of Marry Kom. So girls learn boxing stay fit and safe too.

  • 10. Skating

    Skating can also be an another way but it will not affect your body as much as the other ones will do. Skating affects the lower portion of the body more than the upper portion.

Here I have listed 10 fun ways of reducing weight. Try the one you loved the most and who knows you become the next Marry Kom or Saina Nehwal. Do write in the comments which one you loved the most or which one you want to add up.

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