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Hello world, Happy New Year to all of you…. First of all I would like to welcome you all to “ www.halfcupcoffee.com “. I am super excited because this is first article on my blog. So let’s not waste time and go to our topic of first article that is “New Year Resolutions”. In the starting of a new year people decide to do something the whole year that is their new year’s resolution. It could be anything like leaving a bad habit or to have some good habits. I have also heard about few very interesting resolutions like making new friend every month, trying a new food every month or getting pictures clicked at 5 places.


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It is very hard to keep one habit till last month of the year so before suggesting you the resolutions, I would like to introduce you all to a person who famous for his new year resolutions from last few years and also he completes them all. He is a very well known name, Mark Zuckerberg. It can  be seen from his status updates of every year that how punctual he is about his new year’s resolutions and that is why he has started being called King of New Year’s resolution so let’s wait and see what will be his next one this year.




The most common and few most interesting new year resolutions are:

  1.  Lose Weight- This one is the most common for those who is struggling from over weight problem.
  2.  Learn a new language- This is a exciting one and also challenging like others.
  3.  Quit a bad habit- This one is also a very common but also very hard to do because people  usually decide to leave a bad habit they are addicted to like smoking, drinking alcohol or something like biting nails 😀
  4.  Grow a plant every month- Okay don’t get confused about growing and purchasing. You are not supposed to get a plant from a plant nursery but this is about growing plant every month and nurturing it. Grow trees save earth.
  5.  Donate a fixed amount of money every month- You can choose this one if your intentions are to serve the society and you are capable enough to do that.
  6.  Reading a new book every month- You can also choose this one which Mark Zuckerberg has just done in 2015.
  7. Get a girlfriend/boyfriend- So single boys and girls, Do you want to stay single in the next year also. If no then make this your resolution and start searching for your soul mate. Hope you get him/her.
  8. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day-This one is for those who do not get enough sleep and it creates health problem for them. Its not for people like me who sleep even more 😀
  9. Save money- If you are a kind of person who spends a lot then fix a particular amount of money to save every month.
  10. Stay in touch with old friends- This one is the easiest as you can easily get in touch with your friends and you won’t have to do much for that.
  11. Learn singing/dancing/painting- Everyone has some hobbies in past years but they could not continue it because of multiple reasons like job or school/college. So you can take a resolution to follow your old hobby.
  12. Stop throwing garbage on roads- this one does not need any explanation. We all should decide to do this. Make our country cleaner and greener.
  13. Go for a family holiday twice in a year.
  14. Stay at least one day every week without mobile phone- This is going to be the toughest one. Lets see how many dares to try this one, Its kind of a way of youngsters to fast :p
    Last but the best one….
  15. Stop playing candy crush- Candy crush saga, a game to which many of us are addicted now. But if you feel that it consumes a lot of time of yours then you can take a resolution to stop playing it. The rest can decide to cross more levels 😀

So these are few New Year’s resolutions. Now decide which one is yours and lets see how many of you gets motivated by Mark Zuckerberg & complete the resolution successfully.

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i am a petrochemical engineering graduate, an MBA student and the founder of halfcupcoffee.

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