Top 10 TV shows which you should be watching in 2015-16

  • 1. Arrow:

    Currently this show is in its 4th season. This season can be considered as the best one because, the team is better than ever, felicity is back to her old self, the villain is bothersome, sarcastic and smart, Oliver is slowly becoming the green arrow we know from the comics and I am glad to say i am going to see it unfold in front of me, this is by far my favorite show on TV!. If you are fan of comic books heroes then this show is definitely worth your type and worth watching. My verdict for this show 8/10.
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  • 2. The Flash:

    Another show related to superheroes, currently this show in its 2nd season. Its connected to show “arrow”. Reasons why season is awesome because both villains “Reverse Flash” & “Zoom” are formidable, mysterious, dangerous, smart & menacing foe, visual effects are getting better by each episodes, every character on the show is developing, crossovers with “arrow” were amazing. So if you are watching “arrow” i bet you can’t skip this show either because how well they are connected and my verdict for this 9/10.
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  • 3. Agents of shield:

    If you are a huge fan of “Marvel” movies then you are definitely following this show. This show have grown up after surprisingly rising of “Hydra”. Currently this show in its 3rd season, has bigger ambitions and bigger scope “The Inhumans”, “SHIELD” now has now bigger threat then dealing with Hydra. This show has big, great cast, all characters are well developed. This show is connected to all MCU movies which came so far and it will definitely connect to upcoming “Captain America: Civil War”. If you are not watching this show then you don’t know how much fun & action you are missing. My verdict for this show 8/10.
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  • 4. The Blacklist:

    James Spader! aka Raymond Red Reddington, the heart of this amazing show. Spader playing a FBI most wanted criminal who eluded Govt. more than a decade. He resurfaced & surrender to FBI, work with them to catch the most notorious, ruthless, smart, unbelievable criminals who he called “Blacklister”. Apart from this amazing drama there is also mystery surrounding with spader & FBI agent Elizabeth keen. Currently this show in its 3rd season & continuously surprising the viewers with twist, mysteries & storyline. My verdict for this show 9/10.
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  • 5. 11 22 63 :

    James Franco and Chris Cooper performances plus A Objective to stop a major event in the past. This show using concept of “Time Travel” & “Butterfly Effect”. Keeping mystery with storyline, which leaves door open to keep you guessing all the way. This show just started in 2016, so far keeping its grip on its storyline & viewers. Although serious in tone, there are some good light hearted moments that make you smile. My verdict for this show is 8/10.
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  • 6. Daredevil:

    The true “Daredevil” rise from Marvel. After poor performance of “Daredevil” movie on box office marvel decided to turn into a TV series drama which is taking place within Marvel Universe Movies. So far two season came out, second season is streaming on Netflix now. Foes in this show are Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin, Frank Castle aka The Punisher. I watched all two seasons & i was surprised to see the performances of all characters, actions & storyline. Now it will be interesting to see the future season because it will ultimately connect to the “Avengers 3 : The Infinity Wars”. My verdict for this show is 9/10.
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  • 7. House Of Cards:

    Kevin Spacey! heart of this show. It’s a political drama center around “Frank & Claire Underwood”. In this show Kevin Spacey playing role of Frank Underwood, a Democrat who initially appointed as the Secretary of State but betrayed by president. Along with his wife, he sets out on a quest to seek revenge from the people who betrayed him while successfully rising to supremacy. This show just completed four season on Netflix. This show nominated for Emmy awards & also won. If you haven’t watched it then you need to watch it now because of awesome performances, storyline, each dialogue is quote. My verdict for this show is 10/10.
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  • 8. Mr Robot:

    This show is bit confusing due to language of hacking & cyber crimes but it is so well acted, written and directed it doesn’t really matter. Rami Malek’s magnetic & incredible performance helps hold your interest in the show. I watched the first season and i loved the way it created bizarre event using manipulation, twists. I can hardly wait for the next season. At first it will be seen boring but don’t give up so easily otherwise you will miss the mystery part. My verdict for this show is 8/10.
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  • 9. Ash Vs Evil Dead:

    If you watched “The Evil Dead” movies then this show is for you. Bruce Campbell performance is amazing & funny. In short i can say this show is well done. In this show there is bit horror, actions, fun, awesome special effects & well connected to past movies. This show just completed its first season, eagerly waiting for second season. In this show there is bit violence & killings in unusual way which may surprise viewers but all this done in a funny way so you don’t feel shock. My verdict for this show 9/10.
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  • 10. Suits:

    A corporate lawyer drama, center around two characters “Harvey Specter & Mike Ross”. Harvey hired Mike knowingly that he didn’t go to any law school, this is the main plot device of this amazing show. But the producers of this show have managed to move in different direction successfully & not dependent on this storyline anymore. This show has great fun, enjoyable plot rolling from one scene to another, amazing performances by each characters & the songs they used in the end of episode. This show just finished its fifth season, ending of this season was good, bit emotional, waiting for its next run. My verdict for this show is 10/10.
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Verdict: some of these show are running long back, still they are worth watching, they are keeping their grip on storyline, humor, actions, performances. so according to me these show you need to watch in 2015-16. 10 out of 10.

This article has been written by Khushwant Rakhecha

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  • TUM

    The Flash and Arrow is my favourite. Arrow seems boring after the first episode.