Selfies becoming danger to life

Selfies, a new style of youth to capture their photos but it has also become a reason of concern. First of all selfies are no more left as just a new style of capturing picture and rather it has become a disorder. Now the reason of concern is that many people try to take selfies which has not been taken by anyone else to become different and center of attraction or to get maximum likes on facebook but it doesn’t work when it becomes dangerous. In the last few years almost 50-55 cases (not sure about the figure, do mention in comments if you know the real figure) of selfie accidents have been seen. According to an article of, in the year 2015 selfie accidents have killed more people than sharks.

Selfie disorder is not only among common people- This picture clearly explains that selfies are not only taken by “we common people” but internet is full of selfies of film stars and even politicians. This is Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India taking selfie with the logo of Bhartiya Janta Party.




Most dangerous selfies- Just write this line on google and you will find so many pictures with snakes, shark, in the sea without any safety, or in the sky without any harness. These things do nothing but just invite accidents in your life. I am writing this writing to aware the youth about the accidents happening all over the world due to the so called “selfies”. I wanted to add pictures of few really unexpected most dangerous selfies but i could not because of the claim issue.

No selfie area- After the accident in Bandra, Mumbai police has identified 16 no-selfie area. In Mumbai, 3 girls were taking selfie and fell into sea. A fisher man saved 2 girls but while saving the third girl, he got drowned and also the third girl. After this incident mumbai police has banned few areas in mumbai for taking selfie.




I have written this article just to aware youth towards the other side of selfies and the risk which people take to get the best selfie. Guys stay safe and click safely… 🙂

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i am a petrochemical engineering graduate, an MBA student and the founder of halfcupcoffee.

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    Nice article HUM. I have no picture in the internet. I am very much concern about privacy.

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    Spawning article !! just like timely waning to the readers !! Don’t risk your life! Just try new ways to capture your moments….

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