Body language tricks to impress someone

Body language plays a very important role in your personality. The way you talk the way you walk can become the reason for you to rock. Jokes apart, lets learn some body language tricks which can help you to impress someone.

  1. Eye contact- Always make eye contact while talking to a person. He/She should feel that you are really interested in the conversation and you are fully involved. Nobody likes to talk to a person who is looking here and their while talking, it makes them feel that you are least interested in them whether it is not so.
  2. Use hands while talking- Hands can help a lot to express your words. It also shows that you are active.
  3. Stand straight but relaxed- Always stand straight but relaxed. Usually tall people stand with their backbone a little bent, this does not look nice.
  4. While Entering a place – While entering a place (it could be your classroom, your office, or a party) always look straight. Never enter a room looking down at the floor.
  5. Hand shake- Do handshake with people. It shows that you are socially active.
  6. The Flooding Smile- While talking, while shaking hand or while entering a place,always have a flooding smile. your smile can really attract people. Everyone likes to be with a person who is always happy and keeps the environment happy.
  7. Uncross legs and arms- Crossing legs and specially arms shows that you are disinterested so keep this in mind
  8. Do not move your body unnecessarily- Do not keep your hand or leg moving continuously. It distracts the one who is talking to you.
  9. Do not scratch- People have the habit to scratch their head unnecessarily and biting their nails which really make the other person feel like ewwww…. :p

These were few tricks which can surely effect your personality. Hope it will help you. Thanks for reading 🙂

Image source- Interpersonal blogs

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