Are you using internet safely..?

Internet has become a basic requirement in our life. We are using internet for our entertainment, study, social status, earning and for many more purposes but at the same time it has also become an area of concern because of few scammers on internet. A lot of cases has been seen which has spoiled life of many people. So it has become very important to use internet with safety and security. I have listed few points which can help you to use internet wisely and safely.

  1. In our PC there is an option where passwords gets saved, about which many people do not know. If you are using Mozilla Firefox then click on the hamburger menu and go to options>privacy>show saved passwords. If you are using someone else’s laptop to login, make sure their remember password option is not activated there.
  2. Always use virtual keypad. A lot of people has started using virtual keypad while entering their passwords because it is safer. If you can not find it then don’t worry i am here to help you 🙂 just right click on the task bar below, go to toolbar and check the touch keyboard.
  3. Never trust on the websites which are asking too much personal information or any of your password.
  4. Do not use “remember password” options for social networking website.
  5. If you feel a website is cheating you, there are websites like scamadviser or mywot and many more. These websites can help you to detect that how frequently the website is changing their ip address and from how long its been active.
  6. Always use the option of new incognito/private window for logins which are personal because it neither saves any password nor it leaves any history. You can find this option by clicking on the hamburger menu 06_menu_stack-128
  7. Before using a website login, check the url. It should have https not only http, because here s stands for ‘Secure’. Try to avoid login if it is not secure.https
  8. Phishing- Most of the people don’t even know what is phishing. It is an attempt to get someone’s personal information, password or even money indirectly by acting as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. It can be a fraud mail or a message on your social networking site. It may ask you to update your passwords or credentials. These are fraud mails to know your personal information, credentials and passwords.

Do follow these steps and spread it among your friends to save them from internet scams. Stay safe and Surf internet safely. If you know more about security let us know in the comments below.

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i am a petrochemical engineering graduate, an MBA student and the founder of halfcupcoffee.