Cosmetics for Men


I have been writing about beauty tips and cosmetics for women only. So i thought to write an article for men this time. In this article i am highlighting cosmetics which are specially for men. There are various unisex cosmetics (both for men and women) available but only few companies like lo’real paris, nivea, avon, and garnier produce cosmetics which are specially for men. Here is a list of men’s cosmetics for skin care, shaving, hair care and frangrance. If you want to know more about that product or wish to purchase it, just click on it and you can get it on a discount of 10-20-30% off.

Skin care-



Hair Care-

I tried to cover as many cosmetics as possible for men though there could be more cosmetics available. Cosmetics of L’Oreal Paris are more expensive however, the other cosmetics are cheaper in price.

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  • TUM

    I prefer lifebuoy soap as shaving cream. :p