20 tips for healthy skin

Hello everyone… Today i am here with something which can be very helpful for you all. Winters must be making your skin look very dull and dry, so i am here to help you. Read these 20 tips and make your skin healthier.

  1. Drink Water- Drink lots of water everyday because water makes your skin look glowing. Dehydration creates dryness, wrinkles, and early ageing that is why a person should drink 2-3 litres of water a day.
  2. Consume food with vitamin A, C and E- These vitamins are very important for healthy skin because these are antioxidant vitamins and antioxidants are responsible for controlling damage of your skin. We will help you to find out foods rich in these vitamins.
    • Vitamin A- Carrots, pumpkin, Broccoli, squash (butternut), spinach, cantaloupe melon, sweet potatoes and tomato-vegetable juice.
    • Vitamin C- Orange juice, grapefruit juice, papayas, strawberries, kiwis, red and green peppers, citrus fruits (oranges), guava.
    • Vitamin E- Vegetable oils, nuts like almonds, sunflower seeds, olives, and spinach.
  3. Get your omega-3- Omega-3 are the fatty acids which can be said as the good fats which are proved to be increasing heart health and healthy skin, also omega-6 fatty acids are good for skin. These fatty acids can make your skin brighter and prevent dryness. You can get these fatty acids from Soybeans, Spinach, Flax seeds, Fish oil, Walnut, Seafood (oyster).
  4. Treat your skin gently- Do not treat your skin with too much warm water, keep a facial towel separate.
  5. Remove makeup when u sleep- Always remove makeup before you go to sleep because makeup on your face at night can harm your skin and also try to have some night cream if it suits you because they have quality to heal your skin damages.
  6. Go to a dermatologist- Go to a dermatologist instead of trying to cure it by yourself if you are having a serious skin problem.
  7. Scrubbing- Scrubbing is being used very commonly now a days but I won’t suggest to scrub a lot because scrubbing makes the skin dry and also sometimes can harm your skin if it’s not done gently. Scrubbing is fine if you do it only for black and white heads instead of applying it on the whole face.
  8. Keep your hands off face- Do not touch your face by your hands too much, keep your hands off face specially when your skin is sensitive or you have got some skin problem like acne.
  9. Use Sunscreen- Sun rays can harm your skin a lot so it’s very important to protect your skin from those harmful UVB radiation. Use a sunscreen lotion which has SPF no less than 30 or no more than 50. An SPF of 15 can block only 93% UVB radiation but SPF 30 can block around 97%. I am not sure with the percentages but they are approximate.
  10. Cleansing- Cleansing helps to avoid excess oil on face which can result in less dirt, it also maintain the proper pore size, encourages proper skin hydration and make your skin look more radiant and healthy. Choose you cleanser very gently, if you have dry skin then your cleanser should not have high alcohol and if you have oily skin then you need a cleanser with lower pH value.
  11. Toning- Most people do not recommend toning so do it on your own risk. But it’s true that you will be surprised to see the dirt on the cotton swab from which you had applied toner on your face. If you want to try toning then choose your toner very gently which do not disturb your skin PH balance.
  12. Moisturizing- You can skin toning but you can’t skin Moisturizing. After struggling with the pollution and makeup, your skin needs replenishment at night to get ready for the next day’s torture. Moisturizing makes your skin hydrating and soft. Don’t forget the lips because they need more care and everybody loves plump lips.
    These 3 steps of cleansing, toning and moisturizing are done daily one after the other to get a healthy skin but in my opinion, toning should not be done daily but it should be done twice in week. But cleansing and moisturizing has to be done daily.
  13. Enough sleep- Get enough sleep, at least 7-8 hours. It will make you look fresh the next day and will make your get rid of dark circles.
  14. No smoke- A lot of smoking can result with aging. You won’t be able to see it now but you will feel it after few years of smoking in the form of wrinkles.
  15. Use wet tissues- If you live or work in a place which is too much polluted & dusty then use wet tissues to keep your skin dirt-free.
  16. Avoid sugar- If you are a big fan of sugar then it could be difficult for you because consuming lots of sugar can result inflammation which creates wrinkles and dehydration.
  17. Exercise- Exercise increases the blood circulation of the body which also nourishes your skin. It is also said that perspiration during exercise opens up and unclogs the pores which is good for skin.
  18. Facials- Facials can open up the pores of your skin which makes your skin breathe easily. Facial massage also results with better blood circulation and relaxes you by releasing stress on your face. So choose the correct facial suit for your skin type and go for it at least once in a month.
  19. Minimal makeup- Apply least makeup because too much makeup blocks the skin pores and do not let your skin breathe easily. Always remove makeup from your face before sleeping.
  20. Smile always and be happy- This one is the easiest and the most productive one. Be happy always, smile and kill the world 😉

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i am a petrochemical engineering graduate, an MBA student and the founder of halfcupcoffee.

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